This website has been something I wanted to do for quite some time.

If you are new around here, you may not know my history, so let me catch you up a bit.

In 2010, I started the website CookingQuinoa.net, not knowing what a food blog was.  I was actually taking an internet marketing course in hopes of making a few hundred extra dollars a month so I could stay home with my young boys.

I could have never imagined what would become of that website – it truly grew into something larger than I could have imagined.

But 600 posts, 11 ebooks and two print books later, I was feeling more than a little burn out.  Oh, I still love quinoa.  I just am no longer content to have it be such a huge focus in my life.

Any my family is demanding more variety in our diets.

I love all types of food and I am so excited to share my creations with you in this new space.  (But don’t worry quinoa lovers, there will still be quinoa recipes!)

Right now I’m in the slow process of manually transferring the content from CookingQuinoa to this space – please bear with me as I work through this as quickly as I can.


About Me

I am a 40 something mom of 3.  Being in my 40’s didn’t seem like that big of a deal  until I unexpectedly became pregnant at 41!

Skye arrived safely despite this scare and we can’t imagine life without her.  We adore each other and I am so grateful for the chance to be a mom again.

Princess Buttercup










I am the very lucky homeschooling mom to Alex (10) and Christian (9). They are 14 months apart, closer than twins and make my world go around. Unfortunately, they also happen to be my toughest food critics. (I talk about how picky they are a bit in this post.)

The Commander AKA Alex


Angel Baby AKA Christian


I feel blessed to be able to make a full time income online and be home with my kiddos. My days are crazy and I almost never get my daily “to-do” list completed. One day I’ll be organized, but for now my desk is a sea of note pads, recipe drafts, essential oils, bows and pictures of  lego worlds. Luckily I thrive on chaos.

47 Random Things About Me

  1. Our family has been location independent for the last six years.
  2. I am painfully shy. Phone calls make me nervous. I hide this well and almost no one who knows me would say that I’m shy. Including my parents.
  3. I’m really not a weird person obsessed with a single food. Don’t get me wrong, I love quinoa but I actually thrive on variety when it comes to food. Cooking Quinoa is one of those things that just sorta happened…and I wouldn’t change a thing.
  4. All three of my children are surprises but NOT accidents. The best way I’ve heard it explained is that a surprise is something you didn’t know you wanted until you had it.
  5. I absolutely loved being a mom to little boys and never knew how natural and relaxed I would feel with a little girl.
  6. I could snuggle with Skye and my boys all day long. Seriously.
  7. Other than snuggling, I have a very hard time sitting still or relaxing.
  8. My favorite song is Learn to Be Still by the Eagles.
  9. The only reason I’ve been able to make a full time income blogging is that I was so uneducated and poorly networked when I started out that I had no clue that “you can’t make money with a food blog.” Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.
  10. I get a weird thrill from crossing things off on my to-do list with a sharpie. One of the best gifts my husband has given me was the monster pack of Sharpies form Costco. It was way better than the flowers he brought me on the same day because it proved he “got” me.
  11. I’m not a size 4. People assume because I write (mostly) healthy recipes that I have a perfect body and have it all figured out. While I was definitely on a downward trend prior to Baby #3, at no point during the life of this website have I been where I wanted to be.
  12. I love all things cheesy and creamy. Which makes sticking to a healthy diet interesting.
  13.  I have been vegan and vegetarian and now I shun labels.
  14. Speaking of which, one of my biggest pet peeves is those who judge others because they don’t share in their food choices. I think most people are doing the best that they can and harsh judgments never made anyone better.
  15. My favorite color is red.
  16. I use way too many exclamation points in my writing. I’m aware of this but can’t seem to stop.
  17. I have an irrational fear of snakes, but can handle spiders, roaches and about anything else. My boys are not allowed to have any toy that involves snakes.
  18. Speaking of toys, my kids are hopelessly spoiled. I know it isn’t a good thing but we can’t seem to resist buying them new things. My husband and I joke that we want to come back as our kids.
  19. I hate to clean – but a dirty house makes me nervous.
  20. My husband won’t touch the kitchen after I’m done cooking. Apparently, I’m the world’s messiest cook.
  21. If I’d known how well my boys would respond to detailed daily lists for cleaning I would have started doing them two years ago. I’m pretty sure they clean better than I do. (But they won’t touch the kitchen either.)
  22. I have absolutely no tolerance for mean people.
  23. I think one of the saddest things on the planet is how the anonymity of the internet makes grown people act.
  24. Since becoming a mom I only get my hair cut professionally a couple of times a year. I really need to take better care of myself.
  25. Speaking of hair, without help from the bottle I’d be about 90% grey. It’s been this way since I was 35. Thanks Dad!
  26. My hands and feet are weirdly soft. Like I’ve never washed a dish or gone barefoot. Unfortunately, this does not extend to the tops of my hands which are kinda getting wrinkly….
  27. I’ve had insomnia since I was 10. I can’t nap to save my life. Except when I’m pregnant, and then only occasionally.
  28. I’d love to be able to count calories but I just can’t. (I do admire those who do which is why I include nutrition stats on my recipes.)
  29. I tend to be extreme with anything. i.e. when I haven’t worked out in years I won’t just start working out, I’ll start P90x.
  30. My self doubt is my biggest enemy.
  31. I spent years wanting to branch out with a general blog and fear held me back from starting it.
  32. I have a love hate relationship with food photography.
  33. I am the world’s worst speller. (I’m sure you already realized that.)
  34. I also have a hard time reading my own work, which makes editing a bit of a challenge.
  35. I am all about the liquids – good coffee and wine go a long way towards a happy Wendy. (Pity my husband while I’m pregnant.)
  36. I hate cloudy days. I think if I lived in a cold dreary climate in the winter I’d develop seasonal depression.
  37. I love music but I can’t sing.
  38. That doesn’t stop me.
  39. I once accidentally punched a friend and client through a glass door at a karate center kickboxing class. (See #29.)
  40. Speaking of accidents, I am a train wreck in the kitchen. I’ve lost count of my burns and cuts.
  41. I am extremely sensitive although I know it doesn’t serve me well. My husband has been known to delete rude comments so I didn’t see them.
  42. I grew up in Gainesville, Florida which makes me a Florida Gator through and through.
  43. But that didn’t stop me from going to FSU for my first two years of college – just to be on my own.
  44. My freshman year of college, I received the “bow head” award in my sorority. (Come on people, this was 1989!) I pity my little girl.
  45. I am technically challenged. (Which is why I am completely uninvolved in the support process for ebooks – hubby handles this!)
  46. I first became enthralled with cooking while reading Martha Stewarts Entertaining in the 80’s.
  47. While home from college for the summer, I threw my parents a surprise party for 40 for their 25th wedding anniversary. I refused offers for help with the food and instead set my alarm for 1am and got up to cook in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping. The surprise was kept until the big day. I felt like Martha Stewart.




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