Dirty Chai Latte

about the recipe

Skip the coffee shop and make this DIY Dirty Chai Latte Recipe at home! The marriage of chai tea concentrate and espresso is shockingly delicious. It tastes like fall in a mug! This delicious drink is perfect for those moments when you have time to linger.


– 1 ½ cups Chai Tea Latte Concentrate – 1 ½ cups cashew milk or milk of choice – 2 ounces espresso or 5 ounces extra-strong brewed coffee

Place the Chai Tea Latte Concentrate and milk in a saucepan.

– Heat over medium heat until the mixture comes to a simmer.

– Add espresso or coffee and use an immersion blender to blend until foamy and frothy.

– Alternatively, transfer mixture to a blender and blend for 5 to 10 seconds.

– Divide among mugs.

– Serve immediately.