Raspberry Blueberry Smoothie

about the recipe

Looking for a refreshing way to start your day? This raspberry blueberry smoothie recipe is the perfect kickstart to your morning routine. With the right balance of sweet and tart flavors, this simple recipe makes the earliest of wake-up calls a bit more palatable.


– 1 ½ cups milk of choice oat, nut, or dairy – ½ cup plain Greek yogurt – 1 cup raspberries – 1 cup blueberries – ½ teaspoon vanilla extract – 1 tablespoon honey optional – Ice – Optional Add Ins: 1-2 tablespoons hulled hemp seeds or ground flaxseeds ; 1 teaspoon chia seeds

– Pour the milk in the blender.

– Add the Greek yogurt.

– Add the raspberries, blueberries, vanilla, and honey. 

– Process until smooth.

– If desired, add ice and one of the add-ins and process until smooth and creamy.

– Pour into a glass and serve immediately.